We are now an award-winning travel blog!!

Life of Reilly won Vlogger of the Year at the UK’s Travel Media Awards on Wednesday!! We were up against some talented and brilliant YouTubers so we didn’t think we had a chance of winning but the judges really liked our style and storytelling.

There was not ONE moment that we ever thought that we would ever win an award when we started this blog so this news is beyond our wildest dreams!

Receiving the Vlogger of the Year award

We have just tried to make videos that we would want to watch while researching a trip.

Our YouTube channel has grown over the past two years: we were sat at 12 subscribers for ages, then that moved to 100 for a few months but now we’re on our way to 3,000 and chugging along nicely!

What’s been going on?

Huge apologies, if you’re more of a reader than a video watcher!! We’ve neglected our website a bit and have hardly posted  – we even forgot to post that we had a new baby!!! This is mainly down to focusing on the videos and not having enough time to write a post after spending weeks editing a video.

In our defence, David has been doing a Masters degree, creating a new Masters degree and making a documentary over the past two years, while also keeping the day jobs going!!! Alicia has started her own business and we had baby Jude in April, so things have been super-busy!

As the videos are doing best, we’ll continue to focus on those but we’ll hopefully be able to up our web and social media game again, with a tiny bit more free time again!

Anyway, we just wanted to share our news with you!!

We’re super-excited about winning this award and it’s made all of the hard worth worth it.

We’ve filmed quite a few videos that we haven’t managed to edit yet, so hopefully we’ll get to show you more of these before we head to the USA for another big trip next year!