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We are David, Alicia, Dylan, Samantha and Jude Reilly. We live in the UK but like to travel lots, despite how annoying and hard it is to keep three children occupied on long flights and car journeys.

Alicia is from California, so we travel to the West Coast of the USA a lot, and know it really well.

We’ve found that one of the best ways to travel is to get some great ideas by people who’ve been there, seen it and done it – so, we hope to give you some practical tips and awesome ideas through our videos and blogs, to make your trip with kids (or without) more fun and more memorable!

It’s all in the hope that you can live the Life of Reilly, too, as this early blog post explains.

  • David is a TV producer with ITV News and a Journalism lecturer at Southampton Solent University.
  • Alicia is a Swimming Instructor so likes to make sure the kids are active – and wet.
  • Dylan is a hardy traveller and can fall asleep easily on any car journey but don’t expect him to be in a good mood when he wakes up!!
  • Samantha has just started at “big girl” school but knows how to have fun outside of it!!
  • Jude is “living the Life of Reilly” permanently at the moment!! He’s still under a year old so doesn’t have to do anything and has most things done for him – enjoy it while it lasts, Jude!

We hope you like our travel tips and videos. Get in touch if you’d like want us to write about about a certain place, have an idea you’d like us to blog about or just want to say, Hi! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Find out a bit more about us in this interview with BBC Radio Berkshire.