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Listen to our BBC radio interview – oh, and it’s our birthday!!

Getting more than 1,000 subscribers, winning an award, and being asked to appear live on the radio are three things we didn’t think would EVER happen to our little channel – let alone that they would all take place in 2018!!!

Three years ago today (1 Jan 2016) I wrote our first blog post and launched ‘Life of Reilly.’

Before New Year’s Day 2016, I was planning on just uploading some videos to my personal YouTube channel but after reading two chapters of Steve Jobs’ biography I was inspired to start-up  a “proper website” – and brand – to see what might happen.

So, I nabbed Twitter and Facebook handles, bought the domain name, asked my brother-in-law Simon to teach me how to use WordPress and I made my New Year’s resolution official!!

After the excitement of publishing and promoting the blog post I suddenly felt sick – and it had nothing to do with the beers from NYE.

What had I just done?!!!! Now I actually had to follow my spontaneous, very public resolution through and make this blog happen, otherwise I’m that person who starts a blog but doesn’t see it through.

I also had a few other fears: would people care/like what I was going to write/produce; and, what if it doesn’t take off to a respectable level and I embarrass myself? I usually only compete when I know I’m going to succeed, whether it’s a game of pool or a job.

“Why can’t you make a successful blog without people needing to know about it?!!” I thought to myself.

Three Years On

Well, I’m now sat in exactly the same position as three years ago: on the bed, listening to the kids let off steam outside – while I try to write a blog post.

This time, I’m posting a link to a radio interview that we did live on BBC Radio Berkshire where we talked about winning a national award and the trips we have planned for 2019!! None of this would have happened if I didn’t hit publish three years ago, decide to take a risk and put myself out there.

Is this now such a successful vlog that we can quit our day jobs? No way, not even close.

Do we have people approach us to make videos for them? Yes!! This is new over the past six months and is amazing!

Are we prolific vloggers/bloggers? Nope, but that’s something we’re working on this year! We know we need to social media more, too!!

Do I wish we didn’t start the blog? Some days, but those initial fears of embarrassing ourselves etc have gone away. As it turns out, we’re always going to embarrass ourselves in our videos but that’s what makes the filming together as a family so much fun.

Right now we’re making content that we’re proud of and that people seem to like! We’re also still very new to this business and understand that it takes more than five years to really establish yourself online.

What are you trying to say?

What I’m trying to say, in a rambling way, is: if you’ve got an idea or ambition that you keep putting off – DO IT!!

My football club has the latin motto: Audere Est Facere: To Dare is to Do – if you don’t try, you’ll never succeed!

It might not take you to the fame and glory that you’ve daydreamed about but at least you’re on the right flightpath towards it!

And, hey, if you don’t reach your final destination, the layovers will provide experiences for you to grow as a person, learn some new skills, meet new people and hopefully live your life without a major regret.

We are not the finished article yet, but why not hit publish, go on an adventure and see what happens, too?!

Who knows, you might find yourself on the radio within three years?!! Have a listen below!!

Oh, and as we’re trying to promote ourselves better in 2019, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and why not give this post a share, if you think it will inspire someone?!



Travel Media Awards 2018 Vlogger of the Year Winners!!

We are now an award-winning travel blog!!

Life of Reilly won Vlogger of the Year at the UK’s Travel Media Awards on Wednesday!! We were up against some talented and brilliant YouTubers so we didn’t think we had a chance of winning but the judges really liked our style and storytelling.

There was not ONE moment that we ever thought that we would ever win an award when we started this blog so this news is beyond our wildest dreams!

Receiving the Vlogger of the Year award

We have just tried to make videos that we would want to watch while researching a trip.

Our YouTube channel has grown over the past two years: we were sat at 12 subscribers for ages, then that moved to 100 for a few months but now we’re on our way to 3,000 and chugging along nicely!

What’s been going on?

Huge apologies, if you’re more of a reader than a video watcher!! We’ve neglected our website a bit and have hardly posted  – we even forgot to post that we had a new baby!!! This is mainly down to focusing on the videos and not having enough time to write a post after spending weeks editing a video.

In our defence, David has been doing a Masters degree, creating a new Masters degree and making a documentary over the past two years, while also keeping the day jobs going!!! Alicia has started her own business and we had baby Jude in April, so things have been super-busy!

As the videos are doing best, we’ll continue to focus on those but we’ll hopefully be able to up our web and social media game again, with a tiny bit more free time again!

Anyway, we just wanted to share our news with you!!

We’re super-excited about winning this award and it’s made all of the hard worth worth it.

We’ve filmed quite a few videos that we haven’t managed to edit yet, so hopefully we’ll get to show you more of these before we head to the USA for another big trip next year!


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